The Apache StreamPipes community is pleased to announce release 0.91.0! Download the latest version .

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is our Docker-based installation.
  • The Docker-based installation works with Linux, MacOS and Windows 10.
  • Install Docker and Docker Compose
  • 1
    Download the latest Apache StreamPipes release and extract the zip file to a directory of your choice.
    File Version Release Date Signatures 0.91.0 2023-04-14 SHA PGP

  • 2
    In a command prompt, open the folder installer/compose/ and run docker-compose up -d

  • 3
    Open your browser, navigate to http://localhost:80 (or use the domain name of your server) and finish the setup according to the instructions. The default login credentials are, password admin

  • 4
    For a detailed description of the installer and migration guides, read the installation guide or learn about advanced Docker or K8s deployment setups.

Getting Started

How to start
  • Check the user guide and learn how to make your first steps with StreamPipes!
Get help
  • Ask your question on our GitHub discussion page.
  • Send an email to our mailing list and we'll be glad to help!